Is your painting gathering dust?

Do you have an oil painting that’s covered with dust and/or light dirt?  Even in the cleanest homes, a painting can accumulate dust.  If its an old painting you may want to take it to an art restorer, but for light housecleaning here’s what to do:

Gather the items you’ll need –

  1. Soft Brush – You will need a very soft brush.  An old shaving cream brush, a baby toothbrush or baby hairbrush will do fine.  I found a duster at Dollar General that is like a long haired shaving brush.
  2. Soft bread – This needs to be the doughiest white bread you have.   Sourdough bread, French or Italian bread, or even the inside of a bagel will work.
  3.  Towel – lay your painting on a soft, clean surface, like a towel.

Now we’re ready to start cleaning –

Using your soft brush, gently brush the dirt off.  Don’t apply pressure to the canvas, you don’t want to dent, stretch, scratch or warp it.

Now take your piece of white bread and tear out a piece from the middle.  Use this piece to gently brush and dab the dirt off your painting. Just barely brush the painting in small areas using very little or no pressure.

You should brush dust and dirt off your paintings as described once every 3 months for regular cleaning.


I recently came across an old painting that I hadn’t finished.  I’d like to finish it but its covered with dust, so I’ll clean it off in the way I described above as an example for you.



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