Matting, Framing, what?

pencil drawing on paper

Tips on Framing Artwork on Paper

Do you own any artwork on paper?  Drawings, prints, watercolors, and collages are generally done on paper.  Paper is very delicate and hard to clean, dust, or repair.  Paper is also easy to damage, it can be torn, get moist, or have something spilled on it.  You don’t want anything bad to happen to your art now, do you?  Well, put it in a frame today!

To protect art on paper,  it should be framed under glass but not touching the glass. If the glass touches the artwork, you may have problems with mildew or condensation.  That’s why you’ll need a mat surrounding the artwork.  A mat is an acid-free board, usually colored on one side, with a window cut in it to surround the image and keep it a tiny bit away from the glass. You can purchase cut mats individually or in a frame from most department stores or you can have one custom made at an arts & crafts store or frame shop.   The window in your mat should be big enough to show the entire piece of art, and sometimes a little more.  This occurs when a print is framed and a space is left around the print and the artist generally signs, titles and numbers the print under the artwork.  Many artists will sell prints with a mat.  Then you just have to get a frame to fit and match your decor.

pencil drawing on paper

pencil drawing on paper

feather (2)

Matted Pencil Drawing

Matted and Framed pencil drawing

Matted and Framed pencil drawing

I hope I’ve cleared up the mystery of what to do with that drawing you bought last week.

Fine Art America offers prints framed or unframed for your convenience.  They also sell prints on metal, canvas or greeting cards.  Take a look at their large selection.  If you see any art of mine you’d like to order, use the discount code below to get 25% off thru 9/10/2014!

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My Gallery at Fine Art America

Thanks for reading, now go look at some art!  Its good for you!





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