“who I am and why I’m here”

In my many years as a practicing artist I have learned a lot of things about art.  Some of the subjects I want to teach my readers about are:

  • preserving art
  • cleaning art
  • hanging art
  • choosing art
  • art in general

In this blog, I want to write interesting posts for people interested in art.  I plan to post about subjects that I have talked about with customers.  Selling my art at festivals lets me talk with customers and other artists and I believe the things we discussed will interest my readers too.

If you’re an artist, art lover, art collector or art historian, I think you will enjoy reading my blog.  Follow this blog and you’ll learn all about choosing and caring for art.  I’ll include some posts about making art so everyone can understand the process, although I’m writing a separate blog aimed at artists. “Inside the mind of an Artist”. 

Thanks for reading!


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